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Whether you’re just casually interested in the water industry or you’re professionally invested in it, keeping up to date with the latest in the water industry is essential. However, you may not be entirely sure where to begin gathering information. If that’s the case, below are some great podcasts that you can listen to to keep you in the know about everything in the water industry. 

Words on Water Podcast

Words on Water is a podcast produced by the Water Environment Federation. The podcast mainly features conversations with interesting and influential people within the water industry. There are several speakers who discuss the application of technology in water infrastructure.

Water Values Podcast

Every episode of the Water Values Podcast deals with different aspects of the water sector like treatment, water utilities, resources, and reuse. One of the latest episodes features the Executive Director of the Water Reuse Association, Patricia Sinicropi, who describes the current state of water reuse.

What’s Up with Water Podcast

What’s Up with Water is a Circle Blue News podcast that takes place on a weekly basis. It is a global network of scientists and journalists taking and reporting on the worldwide freshwater crisis. The speakers deal with various issues that affect freshwater bodies across the world and try to suggest solutions to those problems.

Water in Real Life Podcast

Arianne and Stephanie Zavala are the main hosts and drivers of the Water in Real Life podcast. They usually engage opinion leaders in the water sector. The podcast mainly focuses on communicating and partnering with water consumers to make a difference. It also aims to advocate for the proper use of water and avoid misuse and contamination.

Blue Tech Research Podcast

This podcast is produced and run by a global provider of water technology called Blue Tech Research. The podcast focuses on interviews with experts in the water industry, water technology specialists, and corporate innovators. Some of the latest episodes featured real-time monitoring to test drugs in wastewater and how the internet of things (IoT) can be used to address wastewater solids.

Solving Water: A Xylem Podcast

This is a podcast where Xylem experts and other industry leaders talk about water challenges and solutions in the water sector. They try to offer solutions to some of the challenges by building apps and other systems meant to make water safe for everyone.

Stuff You Should Know Podcast

The stuff You Know Podcast is a communication channel whose aim is to explain how things are done daily. While the podcast is not entirely about water, Josh and Chuck have over the years addressed water topics like how floods work, how desalination works, who owns the oceans, and how watersheds work, among other topics.